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We are excited to announce that we will be expanding to a second building on our grounds.  This building will house two infant (age 6 weeks – 18 months) rooms and another three year old room.  Please say tuned for an opening date!


Bright Futures Learning Center has openings for two teachers and two teacher assistants.  Candidates must have a degree in early childhood or a related field.  Please forward your resume to cherylcurtis20@yahoo.com.  Interviews will be conducted soon. 


We are pleased to announce that six of our teachers are now Montessori Certified!  This additional education brings a wealth of new teaching philosophies to our center and helps to enhance our quality curriculum. 

April News!


Check out what we will be learning this month!

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-This months theme is Habitats!  Students learn all about different habitats around the world such as the Ocean, Rainforest, Desert, Wetlands, Forest, Polar and Mountains.  We will explore habitats as a natural home for plants and animals.  In a natural habitat an animal can find food water and shelter.  Different plants and animals are suited to live in different habitats. 

-Students will be introduced to the letters Vv, Zz, Qq and Uu and the sounds that they make.  Bright Futures uses the Sounds In Motion Program to reinforce the letters and sounds through movements.  The color blue, the number nine, and the shape diamond are also the focus for the month.

-Wednesday April 17th Bright Futures will host an Easter Egg Hunt for all classrooms.  This will take place outside in the area near the playground.   In the event of inclement weather the egg hunt will take place indoors. 

-Mismatch Day will be held on Thursday, April 18th!  Students and staff are encouraged to wear all types of mismatched clothes!  Be as creative and silly as you can!

-Miss Sally from the Gloversville Free Public Library will be visiting us on Friday, April 19th to share stories and lead us in a craft for our Habitat theme.


Join us for a tour of our facility!  


 If you would like to talk with staff or schedule a tour please call us at 518-661-6527.

We would love to show you all that we have to offer here at Bright Futures Learning Center. 

Our Pre K Classroom will have immediate openings starting at the end of August.

Why choose Bright Futures Learning Center over a program
within a school district?

– Class ratio at Bright Futures is 1:8 while school district ratios
are around 1:22.
– More personalized and tailored educational program for each
individual child.
– Utilizing the Montessori Curriculum.
– Sounds In Motion Program to promote letter and sound
– Educational hands on activities including crafts, sensory play,
STEM activities and more.
– Library time through Gloversville Public Library.
– Monthly themes such as camping, dinosaurs, fairy tales, seeds
and plants, space, and more.
– Rural location as opposed to city setting.
– Supportive and dedicated staff with Educational degrees.
– Healthy and delicious catered meals including a lunch and two snacks.
– Outdoor playground, nature trail, computer lab, and more.



Bright Future’s Featured Student Activities

Pre K Activities

Group Art Projects, Gardening, Nature Walks, Juggling, Yoga, Let’s Move Curriculum, Charades, Activity Centers Based On Weekly Themes, Language Arts, Science, Math, Geography, Music, Healthy Eating, Self-Help Skills, Taking Turns, Printing Develop good Listening Skills, Learning about Holidays and Cultural Celebrations.

Toddler Activities

Pretend Play, Making Choices, Climbing, Running, Tumbling, Playing with Balls, Yoga, Let’s Move Curriculum, Activity Centers, Dramatic Play, Music.

Preschool Activities

Group Art Projects, Gardening, Nature Walks, Juggling, Yoga, Let’s Move Curriculum, Charades, Activity Centers based on Weekly Themes, Language Arts, Science, Math, Geography, Music, Healthy Eating, Learning about Holidays and Cultural Celebration.

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“Our staff credentials and experience in the school setting sets the stage for academic excellence in the children we teach. You are investing in your child’s future at an age when they are most impressionable.”